The Lit Of Western World

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Charles Taylor III
Professor Travers
Lit of Western World I
November 24, 2015
Imagine a perfect world where no one has to work and where there is an abundant supply of resources. All the worlds’ goods are divided among all the people and the government takes care of everyone. All people are equal and can do whatever they please inside this perfect world. This perfect world is called Utopia. An island shaped like crescent moon two hundred miles across. The ends of the island meet at a point about eleven miles apart opening up to a calm bay. The entrance into Utopia has to two sides one side is a harbor where ships pass through in every direction to get in and out of Utopia. The other side is rocky and shallow. In the middle of the
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The project Utopia was completely very fact because there were so many hands helping. A strange belief system had appeared among the people of Utopian. They believed that their new island that they created could be a perfect little society. The characteristics of this society include the following: Nobody has to work, unless he or she wanted to. There is an abundant supply of everything. There is no money, and everything is free, or all money is divided evenly among all people. All goods are divided equally among all people. People have as much time to pursue studies and arts as they want. Government would spend so much that the economy would run off the government spending. The Government would take care of everybody. All the people would be exactly equal. They would also have the privilege to do whatever they want to do. All religions have to be abolished. A perfect world like the one described cannot be reached by the Utopian people.
There are several reasons why the Utopian people believe that this Utopian society can be reached. Many of them used the ancient Greek and Roman civilizations as examples of this, based upon what they have read in ancient literature, plays, and books on ancient culture. What the sources leave out is that all of the work was done by slaves. They believed that government spending would create wealth. They wanted the government to spend as much as it could, so there would be plenty of wealth to go around. They do not understand
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