The Literacy : A Balanced Literacy Program

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The term literacy refers to reading and writing. Both must be taught together within the many components of a balanced literacy program. Each of these components are important in this program and provide a framework for what and how educators teach. Among teaching, there are five different elements that the National Reading Panel identifies as important to reading instruction: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. It is an educator’s goal for students to understand these five elements. In order for students to comprehend these elements, there are eight strategies educators teach in a balanced literacy program: shared/guided writing, writer 's workshop, interactive writing, independent writing, interactive read-aloud, guided reading, shared reading, and independent reading. These components make up the “skeleton” of a balanced literacy program, and this essay will discuss how and what educators teach within a balanced literacy program. When teaching students about reading and writing, an educator will teach both together, as they are complimentary of each other. It will be easier for students to learn reading and writing together rather than to separate them and relearn at a later time. It will begin with educators supporting students in their reading but once students comprehend, the support will become less as students become independent readers. There are four strategies for educators to effectively teach students how to read and four
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