The Literacy Gap In The Classroom

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This literacy gap affects students’ abilities to access core textbooks and communicate and write effectively within the various subject areas. The literacy gap catches up to many of our students as they enter high school and feel overwhelmed by the challenges of increasing academic standards and more difficult vocabulary. Because they not only lack the language that will help them access and understand their classes, many students struggle with content-area reading and writing in these subjects. This could be an easy fix if the instructors that stood before these students were able to take the mastery of their content and adapt it as it deems appropriate for the young minds they are partly responsible for. Children who lack the academic language of school struggle to meet literacy requirements, and they often feel overwhelmed in the classroom. This is just the beginning of the spiral because once the students have met that stage of being overwhelmed, they often begin thinking of the short term way of dealing with this, which could be anything from completely giving up and having the grades that show this or actually dropping out.
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