The Literacy Level Of The Learner

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1. Classroom talk Learner talk in the target language can only flourish if teachers themselves are prepared to use and maintain the TL the MFL classroom as the main communication language. But there are many other factors that contributes to learner talk in the TL or the lack of it. One prominent factor is the literacy level of the learner in his own mother language. There might be a lack of grammatical knowledge as well as problems with spelling, reading and writing. If the learner has not yet understood the workings of his own language, it will become very difficult to him/her to progress in the L2. Bearing these factors in mind, the teacher must try and provide different types of support in order to help the learners to access the MFL.…show more content…
According to Dickson, ‘The degree to which teachers succeed in eliciting talk from pupils is likely therefore to depend on their questioning behaviour, as well as on the activities designed for pupil participation’ (1996:9) Observation at school: My impression was that classroom talk in the TL has not been developed greatly. There are some wall displays in the classroom to support learners but they are mostly directed to grammar in the form of resources such as verb tables, connectives and adjectives. Other classrooms wall displays with presented, in addition to grammar resources, some vocabulary sets such as numbers and colours. Learners tend to use the displays when they are working on writing activities and they tend to rely heavily on their grammar and vocabulary book more than on the displays. In terms of classroom talk in the TL I have found that it was limited to the presentation part of the lesson and to learners performing controlled activities. I have tried to use the TL with some learners I was helping, but they either did not reply or had a blank look on their faces. Even more surprising was some learner’s inability to acknowledge basic words such as ‘Guten Morgen’, ‘Das ist prima!’ ‘Noch einmal bitte’. 2. Task talk Task talk should provide yet another opportunity for
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