The Literary Devices Used By Aldous Huxley

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One of the literary devices used is personification, “Eternity was in our lips and eyes.”

(Huxley 252) Huxley exemplified "forever", thought which is unique as a living thing to offer

emphasis to the adoration and franticness that the Savage was feeling for the loss of his

dearest Lenina. Another literary device used is imagery,

“Finally-and this was by far the strongest reason for people’s not wanting to

see poor Linda- there was her appearance. Fat; having lost her youth; with

bad teeth, and a blotched complexion, and that figure (Ford!)- you couldn’t

look at her without feeling sick, yes, positively sick (Huxley 153).

The author strikingly portrays Linda 's appearance and with his utilization of visual

symbolism he renders her that she was odd and disappointing to the perspective of others.

This shows how absent-minded the people have become and see difference as being a freak

show. Huxley uses a variety of metaphors in his writings, “Bottled, they crossed the street; bottled they took the lift up to

Henry’s room on the twenty-eighth floor. And yet, bottled as she was,

and in spite of that second gramme of soma, Lenina did not forget to

take the all contraceptive precautions prescribed by the regulations.” (Huxley 77)

Huxely is comparing Lenina’s and Henry’s date to bottles, as they were created in them

and how they still are continually living in one. The comparison of the pair indicate how

society encloses and controls them.…

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