The Literary History of the Philippines: a Timeline

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Literary History of the Philippines Timeline

Significant Events * In this era, the literature of the early Filipinos can be divided into two: floating or oral literature. * Singing and chanting were the main means for preserving and transmitting the history, belief, culture and traditions of the community. * The oral literature of the pre-colonial Filipinos bore the marks of the community. Oral lore that they have preserved were epics, tales, songs, riddles, and proverbs. * Recitation of verses was also done during this period. * The written literature during this era was by nature lyrical, however certain writings were in literary form. * The emergence of folk epics from different places in the archipelago.
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Galang) * How my Brother Leon Brought Home a Wife (Manuel Arguilla) * Children of the Ash Covered Loam (NVM Gonzales0 * Balagtasan (Francisco Balagtas) * Bukanegan (Pedro Bukaneg) * Crissotan ( Jose Crisostomo Sotto) * Life and Success (Zoilo M. Galang) * Dead Stars (Paz Marquez Benitez) * I am a Filipino (Carlos P. Romulo) * Walang Sugat (Severino Reyes) * Anak ng Dagat (Patricio Mariano)

Significant Events * The declaration of the Philippine Independence by the Americans (July 4, 1946) * Manuel Roxas became the first president of the 1946 Republic. * The third republic was given to the Philippines when it was freed from Military Rule. * Martial Law was proclaimed by Ferdinad Marcos in the whole country. * Activism emerged in the country to seek changes in the government. * The youth became rebellious during this period as evidently shown not only in the sidewalk expressions but also in literature. * Senator Ninoy Aquino Jr. was brutally shot at the tarmac of Manila International Airport on August 21, 1983. * President Corazon C. Aquino became the first woman president of the Philippines. * EDSA 1 * The Rebirth of Freedom * The themes of the Literary Realm were more on pessimistic view of life because of the oppression and suppression * Women were given voice in the society which gave rise to Feminism in the Philippines. MAKIBAKA (Malayang

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