The Literary Works That I Will Be Featuring

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The two literary works that I will be featuring are a short story and novel; both set centuries apart yet, connect with one another in linguistic principles. Both horror writers and with this genre, semantics can be quite fascinating. Both King and Poe, focus on the various levels of semantics horror and psychological. The semantic perspective of Christine are that of modern day slang, teenage symbolism. With semantic idioms and jokes, you would see the humor behind the man with the scary mask. Christine 's characters are teenagers, besides the a little "parental irresponsibility," with these hormonal teens, plus Christine. Arnie and Dennis, were full of idioms, such as, "I just had this call to nature, or I gotta take a whiz!" (King) Some commonly used idioms were most directly, ones of love and anger. Arnie due to the possession or should I say obsession of Christine, his vocabulary goes from "chess club nerb" to "garage bralling bully." The bully, Repperton was as rough and ignorant as they come and he spoke like it. "Keep your jock on, man" or as Dennis put it, "Eat me raw through a Flavor Straw!" (King) These guys were the kings of semantic idioms. The semantic perspective is about understanding meaning in words and their sentence structure. Shifts in meaning changes, especially with slang words. The meaning of this popular American English culture novel was a metaphorical teenage love triangle. For Poe, his short story, The Tell-Tale Heart would be dramatically
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