The Literature Review Indicated A Link Between Principal

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The literature review indicated a link between principal leadership style and teacher job satisfaction. As shown in this chapter, the framework developed for this study will consider the impact, if any, of principal leadership styles and teacher job satisfaction. This study looked at transformational, transactional, autocratic, democratic and laissez-faire leadership styles (Northouse, 2103). Specifically, the study determined which leadership style created greater teacher job satisfaction. This study also investigated any possible relationships between a principal’s years of experience and a teacher’s preferred leadership style. Also, this study investigated the relationship between the number of years of a teacher 's experience in…show more content…
Because this study compared differences in means of administrator’s leadership style with teacher job satisfaction, a cross-sectional, causal-comparative research design was selected (Spatz, 2011). Also, this study analyzed the relationship between the number of years of experience of both the administrator and the teacher and the preferred Vannsimpco Leadership Survey. Data was collected over a period of several months. Permission was obtained from the creators of the Vannsimpco Leadership Survey to utilize this survey and to present the survey results via email through the use of Survey Monkey. An email letter was presented to each principal and teacher (see Appendix F). This letter served as an introduction to the beginning of the survey and included instructions for completion of the survey. The email also contained assurances regarding the confidentiality of participation. The researcher’s contact information was provided with the email in the event clarification would be needed from any participants. Sampling Procedures The participates asked to participate in this study were Pre-K-12 teachers and administrators employed by the public school district located in Cumberland County, Tennessee. The study was conducted during the 2016-2017 academic school year. Schools included in this study were Brown Elementary, Crab Orchard Elementary, Cumberland County High School, Glen Martin
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