The Little, Big Village Of Perrinton Michigan

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The Little, Big Village of Perrinton Michigan Migrating from one place to another is never easy, especially when the overall experience and change is so drastic. Looking out the window and having everything change can be scary. For example, when I was just a lad, about eleven years old, I moved from the great big city of Athens, Georgia, to the little, big village called Perrinton, Michigan. Although it was very scary at first and I did not like the big change; I did not like the location, or the smell, or the fact that everyone called soda “pop”, or the fact that I had to beg my parents to drive so long in order to get anywhere. I eventually came to love being in the quietness and contentment the countryside gave me. From the research I have come across, it is quite apparent to me, that Perrinton has had many fans since day one. Welcoming people from all over, year after year with its festivals, a school, and little businesses. Many businesses started up and plenty of businesses burned down. Like many other small villages, Perrinton developed during time, and with time many things happened. Perrinton has seen many changes over the years to make it the village it is today. Perrinton was one of the many villages to initiate with only a little bit of land, a purpose and a goal. Perrinton was built in 1886 in the Gratiot County area. Oddly enough, Perrinton is not the original name of the small village. The original name is “Perrin”. It was named Perrin in honor of a prominent

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