The Little Bison Basin Valley : a Look at Its History Essay

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May 5th, 2000 Hunter College, Introduction to Archeology Professor C.M. Tinsley The Little Bison Basin Valley : A look at its history This valley, future home of a ski resort and other activities, has a history of its own. It is divided into three major areas: The Poplar Region, The Bud Site, and the Gasville, areas which descend from North to South respectively. It is assumed that climatological conditions are similar to those found in the same area thousands of years ago, with some minor changes in temperature that may have increased due to the Green house effect and global warming. These three sites were studied separately in the following order : • Poplar Region o Three regions were…show more content…
In the upper levels we see a number of fragmented bone which may suggest that they began to eat more from each animal killed. Perhaps animals became scarce therefore they began to explore the taste of bone marrow. [pic]we also noticed the different types of tools used to hunt from the lowest level to the most current level and retouched flakes prevailed during all periods we have determined by our excavations. This was a favorite weapon to hunt and perhaps used to hunt larger preys found in the area. The use of end scraper also prevailed for many years and it was probably used to tear up the skin to cover themselves in the cold winter time. Other tools were also found, but a significant lower number. As time went by, some small populations seemed to have migrated north and settle in the Bud Site or perhaps migrated back and forth to Gasville as evidence suggests that humans lived in both places in the same period. This site was divided into two time periods. The lower level represents the oldest period whereas the upper level represents that most recent period. In comparing the amount of killing that took place between the periods, we can see, based on the evidence found, that a larger number of killings took place in the oldest period but I find no correlation to any cultural distinction or diet habit based on this evidence. The fact that Bison are usually present in the region around May, it could

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