The Little Black Book Of Supervision

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Reflection In "The Little Black Book Of Supervision", Chapter-3 of Leadership Skills, Gil Sargent mentions that the quality of a leader to motivate affects the employee performance. Every worker gets motivated in a different way and it also depends on the ability of the leader. In this chapter, the author has very well explained the leadership skills required for efficient supervision and the motivational factors to motivate the staff. According to him, there are various kinds of supervisors and employees, but the most efficient employee is the one who is between the as Gil Sargent quotes "Tough guy" and "Good Guy". They are friendly to their workers while keeping in mind that the rules are being followed. There behavior prompts the employees to do work in an efficient manner. In a similar manner, the best employee is the who is supportive and who has the ability to do work (Sargent, 2003). As mentioned, there are various ways of motivating the employees in the organization. These could be based on the way leader talks with one 's employees or some other ways. For motivational communication it is important to practice the way one speaks, it should be appropriate and fill with confidence. The gestures made while communicating also add to the motivational tone. If such things are properly followed, then the worker himself would want to work for the organization. No more he is being forced to do the work. Author has given the example of war presidents Lincoln and Roosevelt.
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