The Little Black Book Of Supervision Essay

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In "The Little Black Book Of Supervision", Chapter-4 of Managerial Skills, Gil Sargent stresses upon the importance of planning and organizing in the workplace. The company 's resources, personnel time, tools and equipment should be managed properly. If these are not managed properly, then it can cost a firm fortune (Sargent, 2003). It is, therefore, necessary that manager should put to use the time and work study. It means how much time is taken to do a particular work while at a job. Once it is done, employees should be told about managing time. A firm will not be able to achieve results if they are not getting the equipment necessary to time. Before organizing, it is very essential to plan beforehand. As planning is the first and foremost step. In planning one decides, what is to be done, when is to do and how something is to be done. It controls the work. take note of the losses such as time lost by employees, any material losses and equipment and tools losses. Most important thing to note here is that scheduling is just assigning tasks. It does not mean that effective planning has been done. The process of organizing begins from analyzing the work, then the plan has to be refined and at the end implement the plan (Sargent, 2003).
Motivation is a key to get the work done from employees. Employees reward system decides to how to keep the employee happy and motivated. These should be designed in a way that makes an employee work on their own. Rewards system only work if
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