The Little Girl From Carston

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I had to learn to make my own opinions younger than most people. With divorced parents, there’s the strong fact of they will usually have opposite approaches to different things. With that, you have to learn to make your own feelings on political things, who you want to be friends with, and what you want to be in life. Even though you try to make your own decisions, both of your parents try to pull you onto different sides. This results in a lot of confusion, and being in the middle of a lot of debates. I can relate to the little girl from “Gaston” by Gaston is a short story about a little girl from New York who is visiting her father who lives in Paris. The father and daughter are basically strangers to each other, for they haven’t spent much time together before. While the little girl is taking her nap, the father goes to buy peaches so they can have a late afternoon snack. Then, while eating their peaches, the father finds a bug in the center of the peach. The little girl really just wants to kill it, but her father thinks otherwise. He makes a name for the bug, Gaston, and tells her a marvelous story about the bug.…show more content…
He’s ugh” “Not at all. He’s Gaston, the grand boulevardier” (Page 128) Gaton is a symbol for all of our oddities. We all have something that makes us different, but many people try to hide what makes them different. The little girl’s instinct is to hide what makes her different, for that’s what everyone in New York does, including her mother. Her father though embraces his oddities, and is okay with being “weird”. The mother rings the daughter, and when the little girl tells her about Gaston, she calls the father foolish and is confused why he wouldn’t just squash the bug.
‘“He’s gone to get a peach”
“One peach?”
“One with
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