The Little Girl

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We first hear the word power in our lifetime often when we are children. Usually in a question “what is your favorite super power”? Most children answer with abnormal abilities such as flying or invisibility. In its most innocent way power is inherent we think of it as an ability. However as most children grow up they learn that power isn’t always on the “good guys” side. Power is defined as “what enables one person to control the behaviors of others”. Power turns into a struggle from teacher to student, parents to children, and any other relationship we possess.
Children for example need guidance and protection, therefore being a perfect example of the power dynamic legitimate power. Legitimate power can be found within our culture and society from our education system to our own respective family lives. Although many situations are different there is likely someone seen in a position of power based off nothing more than their position in your life. This can be seen in the movie crash where the little girl (Lara) believes and inherently trusts her father (Danial). He has a right of power based on the fact he’s her father which allows a level of trust, and feeling of safety for the little girl. Furthermore legitimate power can also be found in work place environments where employer and employee relationship are in continuous power struggles. This happened when Cameron Thayer was approached by his superior to re-do a scene when the producer did not think the scene was done
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