The Little Glass Slipper By Charles Perrault

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Fairy-tales such as “The Little Glass Slipper” by Charles Perrault, “The Girl with No Hands” by the Grimm Brother and the Disney Movie “Cinderella” all successfully convey important and educational messages to their young reads. Many children are exposed to fairy-tale at a young age, and for these children fairy-tales play an important role in the development of their personal morals and values. “The Little Glass Slipper” and “Cinderella” both focus on a young girl who is mistreated by her step-mother and step-sisters and is later rescued by a prince, “The Girl with No Hands” is also about a young girl who is tormented by the devil and gets her hands cut off. A consistent message that is presented to children through these fairy-tales, both old and modern, is to never lose hope no matter how horrible the situation as good will always prevail and evil will perish
“The Little Glass Slipper” by Perrault is old tale which features a girl by the name of Cinderella who is in an abusive home where she is neglected and verbally abused by both her stepmother and stepsisters. From riches to rags, Cinderella is forced to become a slave in her own home while at the same time having to deal with losing her father to her stepmother. Even though Cinderella is treated horribly, she never loses hope and keeps a good attitude, going as far as to even help her malicious stepsisters while they prepared for the ball. The two stepsister always “consulted Cinderella…for he had excellent ideas,…
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