The Little Kids

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Where to begin? Literacy has been in invaluable part of my everyday life since I was a child. Whether public speaking, writing or reading; I can say that all three of these areas have been vital parts of my life that have been developed as time went on. However I did not accomplish this alone. Whenever there was writers block I always managed to find a source of inspiration. There were teachers, friends, and family who were always willing and able to guide me and motivate me to accomplish my goals. Throughout everything I can truly say I am glad that I have made it to today. I remember watching the little kids’ shows from my youth. I recall that one of these shows was Arthur. The simple and colorful words that would be used everyday life that appeared on the television screen would be some of the first words I ever read. Watching children’s programs, especially those that involved the act of reading such as Arthur did, really impacted how & what Information I absorbed as a little kid. And since these shows didn 't really use too many big words, it was easy for children to understand what was happening in the show and enjoy it. These children programs set a foundation in which I learned to pick up on other people 's words and phrases growing up. At times I yearn for the simplicity of those years as a wide eyed kid absorbing everything around me. I remember walking into my kindergarten class at Easton Elemantary School. I remember wearing a blue & gray polo shirt and khaki
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