The Little Match Girl By Hans Christian Andersen

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The tellings of The Little Match Girl, both the modern version and the traditional short story by Hans Christian Andersen, tell the story of a poor young girl selling matches in blistering cold weather while illustrating the beauty of hope, reminding readers not to take things for granted and encouraging us to become more aware of the ones who do not have a voice to speak for themselves. The original telling of The Little Match Girl started off as a short story written by Andersen when inspired by a young girl he saw selling matches in the streets and after hearing that his own mother was forced by her parents to beg for money on the streets and rather than returning home empty handed she took refuge under a bridge all night where the cold nearly took her life. Two modern adaptations that compare to the traditional are the 1987 film The Little Match Girl directed by Lindsay-Hogg and Disney Studios 2006 short film rendition of The Little Match Girl, where the filmmakers attempt to keep the same themes that are present in Andersen’s version while adding their own twists.
In the 1987 film of The Little Match Girl they do not stay very true to the story, only taking bits and pieces from the original story but the message and theme attempt to remain true. In both telling’s of the story the issue of the poor and homelessness are apparent but the modern rendition does not single it out to just one little girl but an entire street of people suffering, being ripped from their home by…
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