The Little Mermaid Short Story

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The story of the little mermaid is strictly based on fiction, Hans Christian Andersen is an old Danish author (he’s dead now though.) The little mermaid is about 10 years old when our story begins, she has 6 older sisters all which are a year older than the last. Each sister has a square patch of sea soil in which the grow the most beautiful flowers, right behind the sea kings palace. Every day they go out and tend to there flowers Each year when a sister comes of the age 15, she is allowed to go above the surface and see the sights above. The little mermaid has to wait six long years for this event to occur, meanwhile all of her sisters are bragging and flaunting it in herface that they got to go see the sights of town and she didn’t. Finally it came the time for the little mermaid to surface with her other sisters to see the sights of the lands above the sea, and she saw the most glamourous ship that had ever sailed. And if she rode the waves just right, so that they carried her up, up an up; she could see the inside of the ship. Inside was a boy, a real human boy! Oh and was he lovely, she thought that he was the most beautiful creature she had ever laid eyes on. As she watched him dance with the other humans on the ship she grew more, and more in love with him, and when he walked out on the deck of the ship great balls of colour and fire rose from the ship and exploded in the sky making it bright as day! It very much fightened her so that she dove back under the waves,
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