The Little Things

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When you’re not paying close attention to all of the good things that can happen to you throughout the day, you don’t really notice how many small things there are that can have a positive effect. Small things on their own aren’t much, but when you start to add them up they can become something huge. For instance, playing fetch with my Labrador Buddy, or giving in to that craving of chocolate and enjoying every bite are very small things in the grand scheme of things, but take either out of my life and it would be a tragedy. Every once in a while something happens that is clearly a big good thing, but they don’t happen often enough to really get you through that daily grind. For instance, my mom recently celebrated her 70th birthday…show more content…
These are things that are small on the surface, but if they went away they would be pretty big. If suddenly you have a health scare and are hanging on to your life, something like having a good meal would seem pretty huge. If somebody you loved were to die, suddenly those hugs that you used to share with them every day would linger over you and the lack of their presence would be one of the saddest things in your life. The small things are really the big things because they reflect what truly matters to you. I have a very busy life and not everyday do I think about and appreciate having a simple phone conversation with a friend, getting a much-needed hug from my boyfriend, or even just spending time with my niece, but these are the things that would feel crippling if they went away. By doing this experiment I learned that people generally focus too much on the negative things in the world and end up making themselves feel like victims. And they don’t pay enough attention to the little things in the world that add up to make for a life that’s worth living. People love to recall all of the bad things that happen to them throughout the day, but really things don’t happen to people, things just happen. There are probably an equal amount of good things and bad things, so the trick to getting through life and making yourself happy is to control how you respond to the world. If you focus on the bad and
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