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As people we all strive to see the better picture that is the world around us. Many go their whole lives and never see the wonders that the world can provide them. Well, I’ve had one such chance. I’ve been to a place, commonly know as the land of the rising sun, and yes it was an amazing episode of my life which I could never forget. It all began my sophomore year in high school. There was a summer exchange program in which I would be able to travel to my sister city in Chichibu, Japan. I was excited beyond all recognition. I went through all the motions of such an opportunity: writing essays, commissioning letters of recommendation, and having a sit-down one-on-one interview. After all this I would be notified in eight weeks if I was…show more content…
After the six hours, which felt like ten, due to all the pit stops, and insane traffic, we arrived at town hall well after 11 pm. Upon arrival it seemed as if the city was asleep, but as we turned into the gates a loud roar could be heard. There our host families and guests were cheering with noise makers, fireworks, and their voices. As we evacuated the bus, we met another person, a woman name Naomi. Naomi was a young college student who has participated in the Sister City program four years ago, and was going to be our liaison between America and Japan. Some of the few things I could say about Naomi was that she spoke perfect English and seemed to be a lovely young woman. Both Mr. Sakurai and Naomi introduced us to our host families and told us how long we would be interred with each (it turns out we were a hot commodity in Japan). I would be staying with Ms. Rumiko Noriyama, her son Hideki, and her daughter Ritsuko for my whole two weeks stay. At long last I was going “home”. Later in the trip we were scheduled to take a tour of Tokyo by bus. The group was excited because we were returning to where our destination began, but this time we would be able to see more of it. We were to arrive at town hall by 6am to check in because the bus was scheduled to leave at 6:30. Mr. Sakurai and Naomi introduced Ms. Sue Brooke, as Mr. Davis’s replacement. At this sudden arrival of the new
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