The Lives Of Men Who Are African Americans In The United

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The lives of men who are African Americans in the United States has long been affected by negative public perceptions. African Americans are one of the most frequent racial groups stereotyped against. According to Dennis Rome (2006), he stated that when a person in the United States defines crime, they immediately think of a black person as the criminal. One of the most recent problems happening today with African Americans is the way they are perceived through the media. The media has distorted and twisted the way we view African American men and crime. While reading the book “Images of Color, Images of Crime,” chapter seven, The Social Construction of the African American Criminal Stereotype, two specific aspect of the chapter impacted…show more content…
It has a great influence on our actions, opinions, and perceptions of certain groups of people. However, the media does not always represent groups of people accurately. Historically, African Americans have been inferior to whites during the slavery era, according to Rome (2006), the early belief of African Americans slaves is an important concept to understand the most recent stereotypes because it shapes the ways in which African Americans are perceived. I believe that the media are a big problem when it comes to portraying black male. Also, the negative stereotypes might have major impacts on black men in society. For example, in some interviews they are seen as “unqualified” and when they are seen on the streets, they are seen as “dangerous” or “criminals.” Some media outlets such as Daily Mail, explain how some studies found that black men as dangerous, violent, aggressive, and uneducated (Gray, 2016). The distorted portrayal of blacks in the media creates attitudes and understanding among the audiences, such as amplifying the views related to crime and violence. Unfortunately, the stereotypes shape our perspective by profiling criminals as young black males. The chapter enhanced my understanding of how African Americans are being represented in the media; therefore, giving me a better viewpoint on how someone’s race is still playing a factor in crime.
In addition, Dennis Rome (2006) stated that the mass media played and will continue to play
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