The Lives Of Muhammad By Kecia Ali

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Introduction The lives of Muhammad by Kecia Ali is a modern book that describes the way the life of the prophet has been told by past authors. It looks at the manner in which he lived his life and some of the decisions that he made. However, many other authors who have written about the life of Prophet Muhammad but Kecia Ali bring out the unspoken perspective that many people hardly notice. She shies away from describing the truth spoken by anti-Muslims and Muslims alike. On the contrary, she analyses both factions of the narrations and tells the story of Muhammad in a new light. The focus of this paper, therefore, is to look at the analysis of the book by Kecia Ali. It will look at some of the arguments that she has that leads her to make that conclusion. It will also include evidence to support them and its contributions to similar books in the field. Analysis of the lives of Muhammad Islam refers to Prophet Muhammad as the founder of the religion. He was the son of Abdullah and Amina. In early history books of the subject, Prophet Muhammad lived an extraordinary life. In the book by Waqidi, ‘Book of Campaigns’, the author describes some of the military eminence that the prophet portrayed. According to him, he was a community leader and commander of the military (Ali, 79-113). He also married and lived a ‘normal’ life. However, after the death of K’hadija, he remarried other women but the effect of his wife remained in his heart forever (Ali, 114). His actions to

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