The Lives of All the People in Stasiland Are Shaped by the Wall

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“The lives of all the people in Stasiland are shaped by the wall.”

In Berlin, the Iron Curtain had many purposes. It was there to protect, to separate and to enforce a way of life for East Berliners. Firstly, The Wall gave meaning to people’s lives in different ways. It defined where they were to go, who they were to see and who they were to be. For the countless Stasi and informers, it gave them a purpose and an importance in society, and after The Wall came down, that purpose was lost and yearned for. Secondly, The Wall and the controlling ways of the Stasi loomed over the lives of East Berliners, and its implementation was just one of many extreme measures to minimalise Capitalism and encourage Communism. Thirdly, although The Wall
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The Paul family was forced to live every day with the wall standing in the way of their happiness, and the Stasi meticulously controlling their lives. Funder is astonished to realise that there was one Stasi operative for every 63 people.

Informers were rewarded by the construction of the wall. Their lifestyle within East Germany was advantageous, as they were secured a state of superiority and their loved ones protected. They had nothing to fear, as they were given importance and a role in the sheltered social construct that was Stasiland. Proponents of Communism like the heavily supported and respected public figure Herr von Schnitzler were proud and protective of the Iron Curtain, and believed that its construction was beneficial for the population of East Germany. This biased view of Funder that The Wall benefitted Informers as they did not have to struggle or fear the manipulation and scrutiny of the Stasi themselves is also exemplified through the character of Herr Winz. Funder senses he misses his past life as he accuses the West of propaganda, obviously implying that Funder won’t provide an objective view of GDR history: ‘I am here to tell you about the excellent work—the masterful work—of the Stasi in counter espionage. That is where I spent my life’. These men’s views, professions, purposes and very existence were defined by the wall.

The wall was constructed

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