Essay on The Lives of Introverts

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Every human being has a unique personality, but for the most part, people tend towards being either extroverts or introverts. Extroverts are outgoing and adventurous, while introverts enjoy spending time alone and are thoughtful. However, America’s culture values extroverts more than introverts instead of valuing the two personalities equally. In schools, students work together and must take part in discussions. In businesses, employees often work in rooms with no privacy and force everyone to talk with others. Although it is not necessarily detrimental to socialize and exchange ideas with others, introverted people live in an uncomfortable environment for a large part of the day. If introverts were able to work comfortably with…show more content…
Extroverts in today’s culture will experience a much different life than introverts. In America, communities and schools are specifically designed to nurture outgoing personalities. Then, in high school and college, students who are extroverts tend to glide through classes that require discussions, presentations, and group projects. When working, presentations are commonly assigned to allow a person to express ideas with other workers at the company or students in the classroom. As extroverts are able to express ideas and opinions openly with others, giving presentations or working with others is no issue. Introverts can become equally successful as extroverts if given proper opportunities, but they are unable to grow and expand openly in today’s culture. Introverts must either become extroverts or become outsiders, but they are never really allowed to stay an introvert. Susan Cain argues that introverts are not given the same opportunities as extroverts because of America’s culture. She believes that America’s culture punishes introverts, and states “Shyness could lead to dire outcomes, they warned, from alcoholism to suicide, while an outgoing personality would bring social and financial success” (Cain, Quiet 27). Basically, Cain
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