The Lives of the Grape Family in What's Eating Glibert Grape

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The Grape Family The movie utilized for this assignment was What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. This movie explored the life of the Grape family consisting of Gilbert, Ellen, Arnie, Bonnie and Amy. (Hallström, Blomquist, Matalon, Ohlsson, Teper 1993). The movie reveals the struggles that the family face while raising Arnie who had a chronic mental illness (Hallström et al., 1993). This paper will discuss the priority concerns and corresponding interventions that are pertinent for the Grape family based on thorough use of the Calgary family assessment model. The focus of this papers assessment on the family will be on the functional aspect; however the structural and developmental aspects have been assessed. The Effect of Chronic Mental…show more content…
The family had a communal dinner every night during which we saw many examples of arguments, and difficulty expressing feelings appropriately (Hallström et al., 1993). Effective family communication is important because it is an exchange of emotions and more emotions are expressed in the context of the family relationships than any other relational context leading to more chances for positive and negative reactions (Duffield, Fitness 2004) The second relevant functional assessment portion was the alliance and coalition aspect. The main coalition which influences my priority intervention is the caregiver coalition between Arnie and Gilbert in which Gilbert acts as a friend, caregiver, guardian and communicator for Arnie placing a large amount of burden and pressure on Gilbert (Hallström et al., 1993). Two additional aspects functional assessment which affect the family in a negative way are instrumental and roles. Instrumental is important because the mother Bonnie who is obese and Arnie who has a mental disability are unable to complete many of their tasks of daily living independently. This increases the stress and workload for the other three members of the family. An example of difficulty with tasks of daily living is Arnie’s inability to bathe himself at the age of seventeen (Hallström et al., 1993).Roles are an influential aspect because the mother and father figure roles are taken on in an unconventional way by Amy and Gilbert placing a shift in

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