The Llinked Data Cloud

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A. Functionality The system has two levels of views, a high level view at the namespace level and a lower level view at the class level. By selecting a particular ontology users can move from namespace level to class level. To make the maps more easily readable shorthand prefixes are used rather than displaying full URIs. B. Namespace level At the finest level view, the most intermittently occurring namespaces are displayed, with edges linking that are ordinarily connected. Each namespace is shown as a nodule and labeled with its shorthand URI and a number indicts the number of times that an instance is defined as belonging to a class of this namespace. Between two namespaces the user can have the mouse pointer over the arrowhead of an edge to view the number of links between occurrences belonging to classes of relevant namespaces. In order to view the corresponding class level map the user can click on the shorthand URI of a namespace C. Class level Most frequently occurring classes belonging to a particular namespace is shown in this class level view and even classes from other namespaces that they are directly connected to. Generally that are commonly connected are linked with an edge. We can have the mouse pointer over the arrowhead connecting two classes to view the usage of the properties and a there will be a box which shows a ranked list of properties that most commonly link instances of these classes. To lookup a class or property in SWSE and retrieve

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