The Lobbyist Group

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In general, a lobbyist group is a sort of effective network system that consists from paid professionals and also volunteers, with efforts in persuasion the legislators to produce and support policies that the lobbyist groups interested. All American institutions can be represented by a lobbyist, such as Pharmaceuticals, insurance, air transport, health professionals, and others. To reach the goals of the interest group and lobbyist in persuasion in reforming policies, billions of dollars need to be spent by them. According to the Lobbying Disclosure Act, the money that paid for lobbying needs to be registered with the Secretary of the Senate and the Clerk of the House. Health care lobbying is one of the big lobbyists in the United States,…show more content…
On another hand, the American Medical Association (AMA) is the largest group in U.S. that includes physician and medical professionals. Regardless of any industrial lobbyists, AMA group is ranks number 5 in the amount of money spending. As the group is composed of health care professionals, it is obvious the huge impact of its efforts on the life of population. Although AMA group was supported the Affordable Care Act in 2010, they again support the new bill which cut the federal financial support of millions of Americans. Unfortunately, the group representing the medical field interest as type of business with its money earning level, not the patient interest with affordable services. They support free health market, not the single- payer system, the suggestion of deceasing the federal finance support of Medicaid program will have severe health impact on millions of low income families in the country (Terry, 2017). Finally, the American Hospital Association is another large lobbyist in the country that represents more than 5000 hospitals, healthcare systems, networks, and other care providers. Looking on the same previous example, AHA is one of the big fighters against the new Affordable Care Act partial reform law. As one of the largest hospital industry representatives, such new law which results in millions of people losing their health coverage will certainly lead to harm the financial stability of them (Dickson,
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