The Local Demand Of Israel

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For over four decades, the local demand in Israel played a crucial role in the country’s industrial expansion. As the nation’s population rapidly expanded and living standards rose, so did the industrial base. Subsequently, over the recent years, global demand for advanced technology from Israel, software and electronics has played a key role in stimulating Israel’s industrial growth. The government’s emphasis on research and higher technology has led to a new country’s new high technological status. The government also has a policy of offering low-interest loans to airing inventors and companies from its annual development budget. The industries are however faced with one key limitation, which is the scarcity of energy sources and raw…show more content…
• Teva Pharmaceuticals- Founded in 1901, Teva is a large Israeli pharmaceutical company based in Petah Tikva. This company focuses on generic and proprietary products. They are the largest generic pharmaceutical manufacturer in the world and the 15th largest pharmaceutical company. This company has operations in 5 continents and is listed in the NYSE and in the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. Teva Pharmaceuticals has 4 facilities in South America, 12 in North America, 8 in Asia, 2 in Africa and the bulk of their representation is in Europe where they have 35 facilities. Teva had 20.3 billion dollars of revenue in 2012 and a Net income of 1.9 billion in the same year. They employ 46,000 people and have had rising stock prices in 2014(Currently $51). • Another powerful and important company in Israel is Check point software technologies Limited. Check Point focusses mainly on IT. They specialize in IT security, a field that includes all of the security responsibilities of a fully functional IT system. This includes network security systems, endpoint security, security management and data security. Check Point has its headquarters in Tel Aviv and has 2900 employees in total. The company revenue for 2013 was 1.394 billion dollars and the net income was 652 million. Check Point (CHKP) is currently traded at $71.26 and has been showing incredible growth over the past 12 months as the stock was at 56 dollars around the same time last year. •
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