The Local Environment: Bicentennial Park-Sydney Olympic Park

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The study is carried out in Bicentennial Park to investigate and analyse the local area and expand on the understanding of geological and climatic concepts that can be identified through careful analysis of the area. The project identifies and analyse how the vegetation of the area can be influenced by soil composition and climate by performing first hand investigation such as analysing soil type and grain size. It’s also about the aspects of the local environment that have been affected by people and propose realistic solutions to the problems that exist. The aim is to identify and associate landforms, rock types and soils to the natural environment and its plants and animals and also to investigate the history of the local environment, comprising human impacts over the last 50 years. The impact of human alterations to the environment includes increased soil erosion and changes in river flows. This field trip includes the following field work: • Abiotic Variables in the local environment • Plants and animals in the local environment • Environmental influences on the distribution of plants and animals • Features of a mangrove plant influenced by environmental factors • Identify the impact of human activities on the local environment Biotic Feature Mangrove forest Mangroves are trees and shrubs forming forests on the coastal wetlands, typically growing between saltmarsh and seagrass beds. Sydney Olympic park is the main habitat for the grey Mangrove and the planted river

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