The Local Task Force

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The focus of the local task force was primarily the physically handicapped incurring the handicap or disability at the age of twenty-six or later. However, the task force should not overlook the cognitive, intellectual, mental, sensory, and developmentally disabled. For example, nurses with experience in psychiatric, geriatrics, intellectual, and developmental disability can ensure this population is not neglected (Joel, 2006). In preparation for the potential opposition by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Heritage Foundation, nurses’ communication of improved access to care while the ABLE account helps fund expenses for medical care is important. (Heritage Foundation, 2014; U.S. Chamber of Commerce, 2016). However, the task force’s financial advisors and lawyers are important to address the projected cost to the age increase and come up with potential solutions to lower the cost of the bill in order to make it politically viable (National Disability Institute website, 2016). Lawyers and those directly affected by the uncertainty of disease and disability can argue the terror the ability to save the future creates. Furthermore, lawyers and financial experts can effectively present the economic advantages of saving money for expenses while still having access to means-tested social services (Almgren, 2006). Nurses advocating for disabled individuals to save private contributions for future medical care in a tax-free savings account, while helping them become more
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