The Location Of My Office Building

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One of the best things about the location of my office building was its proximity to Food Alley. It’s a quaint little street where all the restaurants, mostly catering to a lunch crowd were on. With it only being a few blocks away, there was no need to use transportation, but when it rained, the subway across the street from my building to the center of Food Alley is available. With it being a nice sunny morning, and there was no rush. I let my mind drift with my stupidity with asking Sasha out where it could be overheard. I don’t know the reason why one of her assistants would blab to the biggest rumor mongers in the building (Lord Big Mouth Nelson), but that was a worry for some other time. There was nothing I could do to change things at this point, and turned my thoughts to where I should take her that was nice before we go to the movie theater. Now that was one dilemma that needed thought. When I nearly walked out into moving traffic, I thought it would be better to think less upon what Sasha might want to eat and paying better attention before some bus take a bite out of me. I crossed the street (safely) and turn the last corner to Food Alley when I heard a scream in front of me. I saw it and couldn’t believe my eyes. A purse snatcher grabs this woman’s bag and knocks her down. The attack was vicious and abrupt. The woman had just stepped out of a cab and barely taken a few steps when it all happened. With no one on the sidewalk with it being early in
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