The Locus Of Control Questionnaire

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When Professor Lopez Littleton asked the class to delve inside of our minds, we took a variety of questionnaires about ourselves. One that stood out to me was the Locus of Control questionnaire. The very first two statements are leaders are born, not made and leaders are made, not born. I chose the second statement that leaders are made, not born. When I was younger, I was quite insecure with myself and I wasn’t much of a leader. Sure, everyone in the class always wanted to work with me because I received satisfying grades and I always prepared proficient work, but I didn’t guide people to greatness. I always felt like I was my own leader but I didn’t really have any followers. I was not born a leader, but I became a leader as I grew older. I absolutely love being a leader and I couldn’t imagine who I would be today if instead I was a follower. Being a leader has gotten me so far in life and continues to get me ahead every day. I have always been the leader when it comes to group projects and with school in general. I believe when there is turmoil, people always look to me for answers. If I am on an adventure, I love to be in the lead because it motivates me when I am motivating others. This happened in Brazil last summer when my boyfriend and I went on a hiking and mountain climbing excursion. As I was in the lead, and the group was falling behind, I cheered them on and encouraged the group to keep on. They highly appreciated my motivation and it made me feel great, too.
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