The Logic Behind Unethical Behavior and Promoting Academic Integrity

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Many college students postulate that making a good grade is acceptable at any cost; therefore, their intrinsic habit is to cheat in some way form or fashion (Mitchell & Black 1995). However, studies show that Christian students, as delegates for Christ, have a noble mien than that of most other college students which helps aid them against this basic impulse (Kennedy & Lawton1996). Nevertheless, attempting to do the right thing can be laborious in tough spots; so some Christian students follow the same patterns as other college students in academic dishonesty. Therefore, academic dishonesty in colleges is on the up rise and due to this high percentage, predominantly all colleges have made promoting Academic Integrity a part of their college curriculum but as Christians we should still focus on Integrity.
The colossal growth of unethical behavior engendered a study among colleges on useful techniques to prevent academic dishonesty and a separate study done on “the effects of cognitive dissonance and the mitigating influence of religious commitment due to dishonesty” (Woodbine & Amirthalingam, 2003). Nonetheless, the purpose of each study was different to some extent; one was to determine the best method to promote academic integrity and the other; was…
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