The Logical Fallacies

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What are logical fallacies, evidence, and error in misconceptions? The report will identify nine logical fallacies. If all evidence in an argument appears to be true, still the disputation may be invalid if the logic utilized is not sanctioned (“Logical Fallacies,” 2014). Another name for it is called logical error, in philosophy. There are many fallacies to be aware of when making a sound argument. The nine logical fallacies are Mere assertion/Circular reasoning/Ad hominem, Red herring/Pseudo-questions/False cause, and Sweeping generalizations/Slippery slope/Equivocation or changing means. `
Mere assertion/Circular reasoning/Ad hominem
1. Mere assertion is when one says a statement is true, because he or she straightforwardly believe
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One may use it to defend him or herself against a skeptic, claiming that the skeptic is closed-minded. By way of example, Karina’s presentation should not be shown, because her religion is Christian. Cristian should not be allowed to speak, because he cannot drive. On the whole, Kevin should not be able to play soccer, because his mother is sick.
Red herring/Pseudo-questions/False cause
4. Red herring is when one distracts someone or the audience to confuse them, with something irrelevant in a discussion. It leads the viewer to a false end. Also, can be used intentionally. As an illustration, Rudy’s mom asked him to clean the basement because he has not done anything this week, but he pointed out that he cut the grass two weeks ago. Hector and Jessica were fighting because no one has said “I love you” recently, so Hector pointed out that he was the first one to say it. Briefly, mother and father were arguing about who took the kids to school last, which mother pointed out that she took them to Chucky Cheese three times this month.
5. Pseudo-questions are when one’s answer to a question appears to makes sense, but the question cannot be answered. Questions that people generally fell into. Typically are open ended. To illustrate, if Albert Einstein was so smart, could he explained God? If Abraham Lincoln was honest, could he be honest throughout his whole life? Overall, if Michael Jackson was the best dancer of all times, could he do all the dance moves in the