The London Plan And Environmentally Sustainable

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How is the London Plan both demographically and environmentally sustainable?
The London Plan, is a complex, yet vital part of the UK 's capital cities roots as it contributes to the efficient day to day running of the city, whilst also aiming to aid sustainable development. The most recent update to the London Plan was released in 2015 which covered multiple topical issues ranging from strategic housing, transport, dealing with the pressures of climate change, economic development, quality of life and managing demographics. The plan is often referred to as a 'Spatial Development Strategy ' (SDS) and is produced by the mayor and his councillors for all 33 London boroughs. According to National Planning Policy Framework (NPF), a source
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In modern day society, especially amongst geographers and planners, the concept of sustainability and sustainable development is vital when making decisions that effects both people and the environment, as it involves using today 's resources in a way that ensures they are still available for future generations to come. 'Sustainable development is an important concept for the future of the world, and for developments in geography. The idea of sustainable development is a bridge between geography and compatible disciplines. Beyond that, it is a conduit through which geographers can contribute to a positive future for life on earth ' . With that in mind, it is essential that if the London Plan wishes to be successful, it must consider how they are going to integrate the aspect of sustainability into their development, especially with the increasing pressures of changing demographics, (e.g. overpopulation, green belt development and housing crisis 's) and climate change heightening the risk of flooding, increased temperatures, energy issues and drought across not
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