The Lone Ranger And Tonto Fistfight In Heaven Analysis

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Emotions through the eyes of a Native American
Emotions…. what the heck on Mother's brown Earth are those you might ask? Is it a state of mind? Is it what defines the entire definition of humanity itself? Is it a lie to hide to the bigger truth that we are all being controlled by the Flying Spaghetti Monster ?,…. probably not. In the book “the Lone Ranger and Tonto fistfight in heaven” the handling of common emotions is challenging at best. Because it portrays a different aspect of emotions you wouldn't assume were complicated to understand. For instance, you have happiness portrayed in a limelight you wouldn't usually put it under. Also the characters in they are always under a sense of dread which can easily drown out other emotions.
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But there were no gifts. Not one. "But we’ve got each other," Victor’s mother said, but she knew it was just a dry recitation of the old Christmas movies they watched on television. It wasn’t real. Victor watched his father cry huge, gasping tears. Indian tears.” (Every little hurricane p.22 ) .Now that topic, Christmas of course is usually associated with the general feeling of happiness and family and making other religions inferior ,but how Sherman Alexis interprets this holiday is not even relevant to the general idea of the pain and suffering these people are going through. If you are still following along you can see how emotions in this story can be exposed to represent so much more than what you originally never gave a second thought about. Victor's father is a great example because you have a father who wants to love his son ,but expresses it through neglect and alcoholism, it's a little confusing , I know, but a quote from the chapter “ Because my father said he was the only Indian who saw Jimi Hendrix “... It forced her to leave him. They fought each other with the kind of graceful anger that only love can create. Still, their love was passionate, unpredictable, and selfish. My mother and father would get drunk and leave the parties abruptly to go home and make love."Don’t tell your father I told you this," my mother said. "But there must have been a hundred times he
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