The Lone Star State 's Resistance

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Michelle Kim
Alfred Brown
Writing 140/A4
November 15, 2013
The Lone Star State’s Resistance to Change
The driving instructor for the Sears Driving School I worked for, Jerry, was known for talking without a filter. He would disregard the fact that he could offend anyone and looked down on those who had opposing views. He mostly spoke about the Bible. Other times, or most of the times rather, he ranted on about Obama, or “Nobama”. He would be oblivious to the company’s policy of “no discussing religion or politics in class” and go on to lecture about how the problems occurring today were caused by the President and his lack of ability to be the leader for the country. At first, it was hard to understand how someone could be so ignorant, but after some time, I found myself getting used to his nonsense. Most of the time, I would nod and pretend to agree with him because disagreeing or trying to change his views meant a lecture or lesson about how the “good ole days in Texas” were run by a white Republican. He was the epitome of the hardcore Republican who believed our country was in peril with a black president. Sadly, Jerry is not the only Texan who holds these views. In fact, he represents many Texans and even the state as someone who’s resistant to change in aspects such as race and politics. Although some areas of Texas are trying to implement change for the state, the pride of most Texans prevent the political and societal development.
Jerry is a victim of a…
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