The Lonely Goatherd Short Story

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Both Michael Crummey’s “Heartburn” and Lisa Moore’s “The Lonely Goatherd” explore the damaging impacts the lack of communication has on a relationship. Both Carl and Anita’s relationship in “The Lonely Goatherd” as well as Georgie and Sandy’s relationship in “Heartburn” are weakened due to the lack of communication. This idea is shown in both short stories through the use of foils, specifically Hans and Carl as well as Everett and Sandy ; It is also demonstrated through the use of symbolism of Signal Hill as well as using the excuse of heartburn to cover up the dreams Sandy has; It is shown lastly through the dramatic irony used in both stories. These elements demonstrate how the lack of communication leading to the downfall of relationships. The use of foils is evident in both stories to demonstrate how the lack of communication affects a relationship. In literature a foils is a character that shows qualities opposite of another character therefore emphasizing the differences between the two characters. In Moore’s “The Lonely Goatherd” Carl’s character is foiled with Hans. In the short story the reader becomes aware that Carl is sleeping with other women and not telling his wife, as well as he does not communicate how he is feeling with her: “She [Anita] has no idea how I feel” (184). The fact that Carl does not communicate with Anita is emphasized through Hans’ character because he is so open with Anita, the exact opposite of Carl: “Nestled between the hand-break and the
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