The Long Fall of One Eleven Heavy

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“The Long Fall of One Eleven Heavy” is a factual and personalized article written by Michael Paterniti. This article profiles Swissair Flight 111 crash into the Atlantic Ocean off Nova Scotia, on September 2nd 1998. It follows the 229 passengers on board—their lives before the crash, how the crash came to be and the aftermath of how it affected their families. This essay deals with: the significance of the articles’ unique title, his choice of words and the extensive use of dark and light imagery. The title is what attracts and helps readers decide on whether to read any piece of work. Paterniti chooses a whimsical title for this article. Specifically, ‘the long fall’ refers to time−the last minutes the victims experienced, and the number of days the rescue workers spent finding the cause of the plane crash. The flight’s number is used in the title. ‘One-eleven heavy’ is also a term used by the pilots to report an emergency; the pilot says, “Affirmative for one eleven-heavy” (95). The word ‘heavy’ represents the ‘heavy’ emotions the victims and families feel and refers to the crash, of which “one fisherman thought it was a bomb, another was certain the End had arrived…” (94). As a result, the title has a poetic effect on readers as it immediately grasping the readers’ attention. Paterniti, through adroit researching and reporting, constructs a feature about a tragic event with well written scenes; readers will read through and feel as if they watching the incident unfold.
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