Essay about The Long History of Tea

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Tea is a beverage that is second most consumed beverage around the world((Lambert, 2013)) and has a long history that goes along with it. The four main types of tea are green, black, white and oolong tea, which defers in the way they are processed. These teas are produced from the same plant, Camellia sinensis, which originated from China. Tea plant leaves are murky green pre-harvest with notched edges. The Camellia also has flowers that are white with yellow stamens. The fruits of the plant contain hard green shells with round, brown-colored seeds.(Chan, Soh, & Low, 2011; Senanayake, 2013).
Black tea(BT) undergoes complete fermentation process during manufacturing of the tea. The leaves are withered and then distortion and fermentation stage it will have biochemical reactions, and finally it is dried. The fermentation process will cause the catechins to convert to theaflavins and thearubigins, which gives them the color and taste of black tea(Grove & Lambert, 2010). Green tea (GT) undergoes a different approach, it will not be fermented. The leaves are withered in hot air and steamed at 95-1000C to denature the enzymes(Sharma & Rao, 2009 ).
Tea is has received a lot of attention of its function and its natural chemical composition which have preventative and beneficial properties towards chronic diseases(Grove & Lambert, 2010). Chronic diseases includes cardiovascular disease(CVD), metabolic syndrome, cancer, and neurodegenerative disease and also…