The Long Journey Of African Americans

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African American has a long history since the time of the slavery in the United States of America. There has been a timeline on how the changes have occurred in political, education, social and economic development of the black Americans. The black people were despised because of their skin color leading to lack of development on their part. They were denied their rights until the late 20th century when their fight for recognition brought the much anticipated results. These changes have gone until now that the Americans were able to select a black person as the president. Since 1877, there are a lot of things that happened in the history of the black Americans to reach the modern days. This paper looks at the long journey the African Americans have taken to attain the equality enjoyed today[1]. In 1877, a new generation of the Republicans left the idea of reconstruction. They started to focus more on national unity and progress in economic development. They ignored the fight for racial justice which should have been one of the major priorities because there was a lot of injustice that was being done to the black Americans. The politicians started to undermine the civil rights of the blacks. This is the duration in which racial discrimination was formalized in a number of laws that permitted the segregation and discrimination of the black people. The Supreme Court condoned segregation by respecting the doctrine of separate but equal. In addition to the segregation that…
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