The Long Journey Of African Americans

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African American has a long history since the time of the slavery in the United States of America. There has been a timeline on how the changes have occurred in political, education, social and economic development of the black Americans. The black people were despised because of their skin color leading to lack of development on their part. They were denied their rights until the late 20th century when their fight for recognition brought the much anticipated results. These changes have gone until now that the Americans were able to select a black person as the president. Since 1877, there are a lot of things that happened in the history of the black Americans to reach the modern days. This paper looks at the long journey the African…show more content…
All this was intended to ensure that the idea of white supremacy was in full force. This idea became fully integrated between 1889-1919 where the African Americans who never showed respect to the whites were lynched. This was too much for them, and they started to respond to such segregation and discrimination. There were a number of ways in which the black Americans responded to this segregation, discrimination, violence and others. Most of these occurred in the southern parts where there were more black who worked as slaves. As a results there were some of moved to the northern and western cities during the great migration. Despite that this migration helped them escape the discrimination and segregation in the southern; they came across other form of racial discrimination. Others viewed the south as their home and where they had their family ties. They adapted to the idea of building a strong black institutions as a way of uplifting themselves and avoiding such violence, segregation and discrimination against them. This also happened because there were few options available for the black Americans at that time. [2] One of the people who began the fight for the respect for the rights of the blacks was W.E.B Du Bois. He advocated for elimination of all the laws that promoted racial discrimination. He was the pioneer of the Niagara movement that was formed in July 1905. This name came from a
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