The Long Road Of Gettysburg

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The Long Road To Gettysburg Jim Murphy wrote a book called the Long Road To Gettysburg. It is a nonfiction book. It has 109 pages. The two main characters are General Robert E. Lee for the South and General Meade for the North. Other minor characters include General Joseph Hooker of the North and General John Dooley of the South. This book teaches you the Horrors of Gettysburg. The theme is violence is never the answer. In the beginning it all started with an idea that Robert E lee proposed. It stated that they spring a surprise attack in Pennsylvania. Everybody agreed to this idea because all the battles before had happened on southern soil. So, they started marching.THey marched about 10 miles each day. They did this for about 8 days. They marched From Virginia to Pennsylvania. The North found out about the planned attack and began to march towards the South. They eventually met up in a small farm town in Pennsylvania called Gettysburg. This would later be the same soil in which 40,000 Americans lay wounded or dead. Little did they know this would be the bloodiest battle in American history. After that, they commenced in an intense battle. They fought in many places such as Cemetery Hill, Culp’s Hill, Little Round Top, Big Round Top, Devil 's Den, the Peach Orchard and many more locations. The north set up their Headquarters in a farmhouse.The enemy figured That out. They began Firing artillery at the farmhouse. General Meade got hit by the
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