The Long Side Of Deserts

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When people think of deserts, they usually think, how long will I be able to survive? Usually, that time is very short because the wind is constantly moving sand dunes and covering landmarks. People also underestimate the weather in deserts. They either don’t wear enough clothes or they wear too many clothes. Although this extreme heat means there is not a ton of water or food, many people in the world actually like and prefer to live their entire lives in deserts all around the world. These people don’t think of it as no food or water, they think of it as a challenge to get their food and water for that day and then they repeat the next day. Location Deserts can be found in every continent except for Antarctica. Although there are…show more content…
Climate In most deserts, it’s usually around 120 degrees fahrenheit during the day and only gets down to 70 degrees fahrenheit during the night. Most deserts get less than 10 inches of rain every year, but some deserts get even less than that. The wind is constantly blowing in deserts. The wind speed in deserts is annually around 80 miles per hour. The wind is the main reason that so many people get lost in deserts, because it is always reshaping sand dunes and covering up landmarks with sand (Johansson, 14-16). Landforms While most animals get their water from cactus, there are still many that have to get their water from oases. Not every animal in the desert can go to the same cactus and not be eaten by predators. They also don’t think about a group of predators that will take over a cactus and take all of the water for themselves, although this is a very unlikely event it could still very easily happen. The downside from drinking from oases is that when the wind starts to pick up and then blows a ton of sand into the oases. Even though it would take a while this could very well happen too and the without water the prey would die off, with no prey means no food for the predators and with no food the predators would die off leaving the deserts full of only plants (Wilkins, 9). Photosynthesis Photosynthesis is used for plants and animals to have food. The plants roots bring in the water from the soil.
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