The Long Term And Short Term Effects Of Grade Skipping Essay

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The effects of grade skipping has been the focus of many researchers. Some want to find out if students who skip a grade are more likely to have advanced math skills, and if that would result in them going on to make contributions to the STEM field. Others want to know if and how it affects other aspects of the student, such as their language skills. In these studies, researchers investigate these questions to determine the both the long-term and short-term effects of grade skipping.
Park, Benbow, and Lubunski (2013) used the Study of Mathematically Precocious Youth, a 40 year longitudinal study, to determine if skipping a grade has long-term effects on performance in STEM fields. The main goal was to find if individuals who skipped a grade after identification at or before thirteen years of age were more likely to receive advanced degrees and accomplishments in STEM fields, reach those achievements faster than their peers who did not skip a grade, and were more productive in their careers at midcareer. Participants were chosen from the first three cohorts of the previous study, and were only used if they scored 390 or higher on the math subtest of the SAT. In the present study, to determine the accomplishments of the participants, they were given surveys to complete at age 33 that determined the degrees earned by each participant. Their names were entered into databases to see if they completed a dissertation or master’s thesis, and were also entered into Google Scholar…

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