The Long Term Development Of Technology

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Section 3
The long-term development of SNSs depends on the latest technologies. These technologies are Big Data and Cloud Computing. According to Gartner (2013), Big Data is massive, high rate of growth and diversified information assets, which only use new processing modes to make it better decision-making, insight and process optimization ability (Kyle, 2014). These new processing mode are Cloud Computing (Kyle, 2014). Cloud is Storage Cloud, which is often used to extend the capabilities of storage-limited devices and provided transparent access to data from anywhere (Kyle, 2014). Social Storage Cloud is the integration of Social Network and Cloud Storage (Kyle, 2014). Social Storage Clouds are very widely used in SNSs and most common instances are using Cloud platforms to create scalable applications on the social network (Kyle, 2014). For example, Facebook users can build scalable Cloud based applications hosted by Amazon Web Services (Kyle, 2014).
Additionally, the massive user information is commercial wealth for SNSs. After being computed in the Storage Cloud, this information could be extracted to useful commercial preferences, which are valuable resources for sales companies (Kyle, 2014). SNSs mixed with these new technologies are not only the tool for socializing, but also synthesis with information storage and commercial value. Thus, SNSs experiencing evolution are highly possible to be here in a long future time.

Section 4
However, there are also
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