The Long Term Economic Growth

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As a product of colonization, the limited industrial development in the colonized area is a global issue. Because the widening gap between the rich and the poor between developing and developed countries, is the root reason of most of the contradictions and conflicts between countries in the contemporary world. And different level of industrialization caused the widening gap. So we can say the limited industrial development caused by colonialism is a real issue behind many current contradictions and conflicts. In order to reduce these conflicts and narrow the gap, the colonized countries should make a breakthrough on its limited industrialization by focusing on its own features-- resources and structures, and taking effective measures-- impoting foreign capital and technology and establishing independent or joint scientific research and ventures, to gain a long-term economic growth. For the relation between the colonization and the limited industrialization in colony, there are usually two views. One view is that people blame the colonizer were not willing to promote the development of industry in the colony. The other view is that people emphasize it was hard for the colonized to start the process of industrialization in the colony. In my opinion, both of the views are reasonable, but neither of them is comprehensive. In order to demonstrate my opinion on the relation, I choose British India and the Belgian Congo as two objects to analysis in the following paragraphs…
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