The Long Term Effects Of Colonization

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Electronical engineer Steven Magee once said, “corrupt governments are run by corrupt politicians that run corrupt law enforcement agencies.” The repetition of the word corrupt emphasizes how the governments, politicians, and law enforcement agencies are all connected in a corrupt country. This quote by Steven Magee relates to various countries around the world that have trouble with corruption; specifically; Kenya. Corruption has plagued Kenya since colonization when the British Empire took over in 1895, and has not lessened over time. The long term effects of colonization by the British is what caused Kenya to be as corrupt as it is today. Before such dishonesties ensued, there were several historical milestones that…show more content…
Throughout history, Kenya has had to tolerate and endure all kinds of different situations, some of them resulting in people getting injured or killed. Having so much hurt in the country’s history could have sparked a thought into the minds of future politicians that they deserved better. They could have had a legitimate plan for the country that they wanted to put to action, but the money completely distracted them, resulting in a dishonorable government. Kenya’s present day government is just as corrupt as it has been in the past. In Migai Akech’s article Abuse of power and corruption in Kenya: Will the new constitution enhance government accountability? He talks about how Kenya’s government actually aides in the country’s dishonest nature. Akech also makes a point to explain how “…corruption is less a cultural issue, and more of a money problem.” The Kenyan people have not had a history of being particularly greedy, even when they were aware that they were being underpaid wherever they worked. In figure two, it shows how widespread corruption is in the Kenyan government, compared to several other countries with high percentages. This is overwhelmingly eye opening to just how much corruption this country is dealing with in comparison to other countries that are just as corrupt as Kenya. Chrispin Mwakideu’s article Corruption Deeply Rooted in Kenya, Says Anti-Graft Body he talks about the unlawful
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