The Long Term Effects Of Global Warming And Climate Change

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*Today, we as human beings are witnessing problematic issues throughout the world that are effecting mankind. Everything from racism, to world poverty, and even radicalize terrorism just to name a few. But outside of the scientific world, many of us fail to understand the long-term effects that global warming and climate change could have on us throughout the world. After observing the 2015 Paris Climate Conference, I truly did not take into account personally, how important this whole concept is. But after taking this class and researching further and further into the topic, I now understand the severity of it all. There are various reasons that exists that are pertinent towards why this topic is highly important to all of humanity. Two of these evidences lie in the severity of hurricanes, and the potential increase droughts and heat waves.
*During hurricane season within the United States alone, our nation has observed an increase in the destruction of hurricanes just within the last decade. As citizens within the U.S. we witnessed Hurricanes Dennis, Katrina, Rita, Wilma, and Sandy all within this time frame, all of which were ruled as a category 3 or higher (......). These storms have terrorized our way of life, and caused over hundreds of casualties. But the more shocking statistic to acknowledge is that prior to 2004, our nation has not been effected by that many Category 3 hurricanes since the 1950s where our country witnessed four hurricanes in a ten year span
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