The Long Term Goals Of The Family

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After discussing with the family, the nurse works with them to come up with some goals. The long-term goal is that the family will implement and comply with the prescribed treatments. By complying with the prescribed treatments, it will hopefully lead to less conflict. If Pat Sr. and Pat are taking medicine and going to therapy, the conflict should decrease. The family decides with the nurse that this is a good goal to work toward for long-term benefit.
Another, more immediate, goal they decide on is that the family will keep the police from coming for the next two days starting today. This is a goal that the nurse will be able to measure easily. The neighborhood will benefit by not constantly having the police come. The family will benefit because the police come to check in when there is fighting.
The family will make one adjustment in the usual activities to incorporate therapeutic regimens of its members. This could be watching Pat take his pills and being sure he actually does, it could be attending family therapy, or even taking some time to be together as a family. The point of this goal is to create a space for the individual members treatment can aid in reducing conflict in the family as a whole.
Lastly, the family will express two triggers of tension to the nurse by the end of the session. By being able to verbalize the triggers, it can help the family see what causes conflict. Each person will have their own trigger and hopefully by verbalizing them it can

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