The Long Way Home

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Herman Bowdary Us History 1302 Professor Kelly Book Exam I- The Long Way Home The Long Way Home 1. Magnus Andreas Brattesto was born April 14 1890 in Norway. Magus was the first-born son in his family of dozen children. He works on a fishing boat when he left school at ten. Magnus took a ship to America by the fist Norwegian immigrant ship called Restauration and nicknamed the Norwegian Mayflower. He like many immigrants turned to service in the army was in order to become a full citizen, when servicing somewhere no longer discriminated because they shredded blood for their country. 2. Tommaso Ottaviano was born in the village of Ciorlano between Rome and Naples. When he was seventeen years old him and his…show more content…
I don’t necessity believe that a person now has to have an event to make an American, I believe any one who wants to come to America and want to live the American dream also to pursue a new form of freedom that they didn’t have in their country. In my life I don’t need to have an personal history only because I can learn from other people history and learn from their struggles and that makes me feel blessed to respect all the hard work it took to make this
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